Lubrico Warranty is proud to have been providing Peace of Mind Motoring to Canadian car buyers and dealers since 1977!

Consider choosing from our wide range of warranty terms and products, all with the security of insurance protection from Lombard General Insurance Company of Canada. See Peninsula Import Auto/Ducati for complete details for terms and coverage.

Protection up to 200,000km or the year 2022

SecureDrive Mechanical Breakdown Protection covers the numerous components that commonly breakdown on your vehicle. If youre looking to purchase or lease a new vehicle, Mechanical Breakdown Protection provides you with peace of mind and worry-free ownership. With a flexible variety of coverage choices, SecureDrive Mechanical Breakdown protection is sure to have you covered.

Peace of Mind

Just as automobile insurance protects you from unexpected expenses caused by accidents, an insured Vehicle Service Agreement protects you from unexpected expenses caused by mechanical failures. With CoverageOne it’s easy. Just select the level of coverage you want, and the length of protection available for your vehicle.

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